Why Borboleta Beauty?

Hello Lash Beauties!

I am just like YOU, an eyelash extension client, desiring the longest, fullest, darkest lashes on the market (okay, that’s a little extreme but the truth!).

When I started The Beauty Confidential, there were a lot of lash brands to choose from, but Borboleta Beauty won my heart! As a lash artist, often clients ask:

"What type of lashes do you use?"

"Do you use real mink lashes?"

"Do you have any lashes longer than a 17" (my favorite question HA)

These are all great questions and it makes me so happy that my clients want to be educated about their lashes! However, every lash brand is different. For you as a client, this can be difficult... I am sure many of you have heard about "faux mink/mink lashes" & how they're the best. BUT in reality "faux mink" is a common buzz word used for lash marketing & there are several different types of eyelash extensions on the market (trust me, it can get confusing)!

I choose Borboleta Beauty for 3 main reasons!

1. Exceptional Products

2. Personalized Education

3. Community


Borboleta's products are exceptional. As a lash brand, they make it their responsibility to formulate the safest adhesives & softest lashes in the industry.

As a client, I wear Borboleta eyelash extensions and my girl uses their no.5 adhesive ... so I know what it feels like on my eyes (I literally do not feel anything)!

The reason there are so many unnatural looking eyelash extensions or poor reviews of eyelash extensions is not only because of improper application but also because of the products being used. As a new lash artist, it was a long journey to determine what products had QUALITY. Through trial and error of different lash brands, I discovered Borboleta Beauty (thank goodness) and never looked back!

Borboleta’s lashes are soft, feel natural to the eye, and maintain curl. Their adhesives provide amazing retention, flexibility, and low fumes. Even their lash brushes (mascara wands) have softer bristles! However, Borboleta’s quality products were not the only reason I choose this brand to partner with, it was also their education and emphasis on community.


As the lash industry continues to grow, there have been various brands, products, techniques, and training programs on the market. As a lash artist, I wanted to stand out with exceptional work and professionalism.

As I researched various training programs, a lot of these brands emphasized on the potential $$$ an artist or studio could make. Of course, who doesn’t want to make money? But in the end, without proper training and quality products to uphold a brands reputation, there is no success.

When I enrolled in Borboleta's Advanced Volume Training Course, I was really nervous & didn't know what to expect.

However, it was the BEST INVESTMENT of my time & $$$!

From the educators to the curriculum I was so impressed & highly recommend their courses for every lash artist! I left the course feeling super inspired & confident in my work! For me, it was a reality check for where I was at with my skills, and what I could do better! The Borby team encourages lash artist to never stop learning and they constantly offer support for long-term success & that is just what I need!


Lastly, I want to touch upon something I found to be very special about Borboleta. When I first started doing eyelash extensions, I noticed & felt this sense of "competitiveness" with different lash artist... especially on social media & in beauty school! I wasn't sure the reason behind it, & I have always been one to tell others the products I use (I have nothing to hide)!

Other than the products & education, a significant aspect for why I choose Borboleta Beauty is their community. Borboleta supports a positive community where lash artists support one another instead of competing against each other. They encourage lash artists to thrive together, and learn from one another!

For me, this is what sealed the deal with Borbolet Beauty. The brand itself and the team working behind it is dedicated to the evolving industry & education!

I hope you enjoyed reading a little bit about my lash journey, and why I choose Borboleta! Feel free to read more about Borboleta's Story & their products by clicking the image below!



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