Lash Removal, Stay at Home Style

Many of you have asked, can you remove lash extensions at home?

Attempting to remove your own lash extensions poses the possibility of damaging your natural lashes, and most of us lash artist strongly advise against it.

That being said, many of us are at home until further notice, with our last fill being over 3-4 weeks ago! Lash extensions should always be removed by a professional lash artist. However, under these circumstances I wanted to put together a routine that you can try while being at home!

#1 - Let your Eyelash Extensions Grow Out

This is the safest & easiest way for your extensions to eventually fallout! Do NOT pick, pull, or play with your remaining extensions! This will cause damage, gaps ... or cause your natural lashes to come out prematurely & WE DO NOT want that to happen!

#2 - A F T E R C A R E

At The Beauty Confidential we LOVE Borboleta Beauty’s Aftercare line! If you need to purchase these items, we can still take payment over the phone & directly ship them to you (:

+ Cleanse your lashes daily, both AM & PM. This is really important for the integrity of your lashes.

Especially for when you’re wearing them, as well as when you’re trying to grow them out! You want to keep your lash line clean! After cleansing, brush your eyelash extensions with a mascara wand! This aftercare line was formulated for both your skin & lashes!

Aftercare Products:

+Gel or Foam Cleanser

+Clean Swoop Brush & Drying Stand

+Break Down Makeup Remover

+Under Eye Cool Down Mask

# 3 - Treat yourself & your lashes to LASH SERUM!

This is the PERFECT time to give your lashes some extra TLC!

Borboleta Beauty just released their lash serum! This will get your lashes looking longer, darker, and fuller in as little as 4 weeks, best results at 8 weeks!

How to use: Remove make up & wash face/lashes. Dip the brush once per eye and use applicator to apply Lash Serum along clean, dry upper lash line only! Wipe any excess product off, & wait approx. 90 seconds for the Lash Serum to dry before going to sleep or applying other products around your eye area!

* use once nightly for best results * Remember, lusher lashes = more full lash extensions! & YES this lash serum is totally lash extensions safe!

$65 + shipping (to place order call or text, DM us on Insta, or fill out contact form here)

#4 - Try Steam & Coconut Oil

If you're feeling desperate, try steam & coconut oil! They can help loosen the adhesive that is holding your eyelash extensions on. I purchased an inexpensive facial steamer off of Amazon! It is super cute & great to use when your doing your regular skincare routine!

+ Steam your face/lashes! This is a pleasant treatment for your skin! Be careful, & make sure you do not get to close to the steam! (Follow the directions by supplier).

+ Apply Coconut oil where the extensions are attached to your natural lashes, not your lash line! This should help loosen the bond. We recommend using micro-swabs or lint free applicators to apply! (*if using the Borboleta Lash Serum, try Coconut Oil in AM - might not want to put so many products near your eyes at once!)

When applying the Coconut Oil, do not pull or pick your lashes, simply brush through them with a mascara wand. Let it sit, and then wash your lashes after! This is a ROUTINE, not a one & done removal technique. Professionally applied eyelash extensions are meant to last 3-4 weeks, and should always be removed by a lash artist! Best option is letting them grow out!

Hopefully, this is helpful during this time of social distancing and staying home!

Stay safe & healthy Lash Beauties! Dreaming of doing your lashes soon!

If you have any questions or comments drop them below!

x. The Beauty Confidential

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