S K I N C A R E 

The Confidential Facial

$100 (90min)

A completely customized experience utilizing our advanced understanding of skin health. Help your skin heal from acne, discoloration, sun damage and premature aging. This 90 minutes facial includes ‘all the things’ — Our Proffessional Estheticians will choose treatments such as Hydrofacial, Microdermabrasion, Radio Frequency, or Oxygen Therapy that work best for your skin! Extractions, ice globes, massage, and custom masks are  complimented by PCA professional products throughout your facial.


Resurfacing treatment gently exfoliates the top layer of dead skin cells along with velds hair (peach fuzz); revealing a smoother, brighter complexion. (Cannot be combined with Hydro Facial or Microderm Facial).






Plump & Glow 


Re-define & Contour

Choose Treatment Included in The Confidential Facial

Back to School Facial  

$50 (60 min)

The Back to School Facial is designed for ages 21 and under. Every student wants fresh clear skin for the first day of school! This facial includes a professional skin analysis, cleansing, toning, effective exfoliation and gentle extractions to remove black heads and clogged pores, and ends with a calming mask! Whether you're acne prone, have hormonal breakouts, or breakouts from wearing a mask, this facial will help you achieve healthy skin! Valid Student ID is required for this facial!


$120 (60min)

At The Beauty Confidential, we offer PCA Chemical Peel in Chagrin Falls. PCA Chemical Peel is a medical grade Jessner chemical peel treatment to used to improve and smooth the texture of the skin. PCA Chemical Peels are a medium to deep chemical peel used for acne, hyperpigmentation and anti aging. The chemical peel solution removes the dead skin cells and stimulate the production of new skin cells which in turn can reduce or remove skin blemishes such as acne, wrinkles, fine lines under the eyes and around the mouth, correct uneven skin pigmentations, and soften acne scars. PCA chemical peels can also be used to treat Rosacea, Melasma, Ingrown Hairs and Cystic Acne.

PCA Sensi Peel 

$125 (45 min)

PCA Sensi Peel Chemical Peel -This gentle solution is formulated primarily for ethnic skin, and other extremely sensitive skin types including Rosacea. Sensi Peel will strengthen and brighten the skin while helping to treat sun damage and other forms of hyperpigmentation (skin discoloration) and acne. This multi-faceted treatment also provides anti-inflammatory, anti-blemish and antibacterial action, making it an excellent choice for helping calm rosacea, as redness and inflammation can subside substantially after treatment



$125 (45 min)

PCA Ultra Peel Chemical Peel-Specially formulated to treat dehydrated, maturing skin, Ultra Peel I is also appropriate for many other skin types, conditions and sensitivities. It will help treat pigment disorders, fine lines and wrinkles, sun damaged skin, acne scarring and acne blemishes. This treatment is especially ideal for sensitive skin, as it produces only a mild tingling sensation. Mild to moderate exfoliation will be experienced, depending on the number of layers applied. Overall, the final result will be plump, hydrated and luminous skin.



$125 (45 min)

Put forth a fresh face with this PCA peel containing hydroquinone. This liquid facial care product evens out your skin tone for a consistent appearance, and the salicylic acid in this peel helps clear up your complexion to tackle breakouts. Alpha hydroxy acid delivers a moisturizing effect to leave your skin feeling soft and hydrated. Its advanced formulation of lactic acid, retinol, and a host of polyphenols, antioxidants, vitamins, brightening ingredients and humectants, smoothes, tightens and improves the texture of skin.

The Beauty Confidential Policies

Your appointments are very important to us, we do understand that sometimes schedule adjustments are necessary; therefore, we respectfully request at least 24 hours notice for adjustments to your appointment and cancellations.

Same day cancellations will result in a 50% charge of the scheduled service amount.

Failure to show up to your appointment will result in a 100% charge of the scheduled service amount. 

All clients will be required to keep a credit card on file. All cards on file are added to the system via a secure electronic process that ensures information is encrypted and remains secure. 

All our policies are designed to benefit our clients and provide the best quality and tradition of excellent service!


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