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The Beauty Confidential Academy offers two lash courses designed to help lash artist thrive as professionals and strengthen their lashing techniques. Our education courses offer the one-on-one experience, and is customized to your needs! Whether you're looking for help in your volume or classic lashing techniques, or how to build a clientele, we are here for you! These courses are for beauty professionals who could have experience in the industry or are just starting their lash journey!

However, you must be a licensed Esthetician or Cosmetologist!

$ (4 Sessions, 2hrs each)

Looking to refresh your lashing skills? This course is perfect for you! Our educator, Julia is committed to helping you strengthen your skills.  This course is not a traditional lash course over a 2 day period. This course includes 4 sessions of one-on-one private training & continued practice - it is totally custom to your needs. Contact us today and start your journey to becoming the best version of you in the lash industry!


C O U R S E  O V E R V I E W 

Evaluation of Skills


Client Consultation 

Work Area Set Up 


Lash Application 

Lash Technique 


Model Practice (2x)


Social Media Marketing 

Photo Editing Tips 

POS System

Business Background

K I T 

2 Multi-length Trays

1 Adhesive (5ml)

2 Tweezers


Lash Cleanser

Cleansing Brush

6 Gel Pads

Glass Lash Palette

Aftercare Cards

Business Planner 

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Chagrin Falls, Ohio 44023

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